Preschool classes are designed to provide children with a foundation in dance and movement. Our children’s classes are designed with the emphasis on creative expression and physical awareness.  Each class blends a variety of exercises to enhance those skills.

Dress Code:  Girls: Pink ballet shoes, light colored (pastel) leotard, and pink tights. If child has dancewear other than dress code requirements prior to notification of dress code, she may continue using until outgrown.

        Boys: white t-shirt, black shorts, and black ballet shoes.


Predance: 2 -3 Year old

(45 minutes a week)

Students must be able to follow directions most of the time.  This class will focus on the fun of dance and moving.  We will explore different patterns and practice our listening skills.  We will use many manipulatives to enhance the joy of dance.

Note: The two year old class will be limited to 8 participants. 

Preballet: 4 years old

(45 minutes a week)

Students must be able to hop on one foot (precursor to skipping). They must be able to follow directions and take turns patiently.  We will explore many different styles of music and begin very basic stretching exercises.  Basic ballet positions will be covered as well as very basic steps and concepts.


These Combination classes will give an introduction to more than one dance form.  These classes are geared toward exploring basic steps and basic body alignment.

Ballet/Tap:(Kindergarten; 5 years of age)

(1 hour a week)

This class will be a combination of 30 minutes of Tap and 30 minutes of Ballet. The children will build their basic Tap and Ballet vocabulary and work on body alignment. Students will perform two recital routines: a Tap dance and a Ballet dance.

Dress Code:  Girls: Tan tap shoes.  Pink ballet shoes, leotard, and pink tights.

     Boys: t-shirt, shorts, black ballet shoes and black tap shoes.

Ballet/Tap/Jazz: (6-7 year old)

(1.5 hours a week)

In this hour and a half class, 30 minutes of Ballet, 30 minutes of Tap and 30 minutes of Jazz are combined. The ballet portion of this class concentrates on ballet alignment and use of feet and center floor work. The tap portion concentrates on timing, rhythm, traveling steps, tap turns and combinations. Jazz will consist of different styles such as theatrical jazz.  Students will perform Two recital routines: a Ballet/Jazz dance (containing both disciplines of dance), and a Tap dance.

Dress Code:  Girls: Tan u-buckle revolution tap shoes.  Solid leotard, and convertible pink tights (they will dance barefoot for jazz). .

     Boys: t-shirt, shorts, and black ballet shoes, black tap shoes.  

Ballet Program

Our ballet program is designed to bring the joy of dance and the rules of classical ballet together. Students will learn different positions of the body, as well as classical and contemporary steps. Body alignment and proper technique are important in ballet and will be taught in all of our ballet classes. This form of dance requires skill and dedication to their craft. Placement is determined by knowledge of vocabulary, demonstration of proper technique and body alignment.

Ballet A/B

(8-13 year old)

In Ballet A we will work on proper body alignment and basic technique.  The student will be encouraged to use their natural turnout (the rotation of the legs, and the basis of classical ballet) in all exercises to keep the stress of the knees to a minimum.  Ballet history, dance etiquette, and ballet fundamentals will be emphasized.

PreTeen & Teen / Adult Ballet


These classes are designed for our beginning and intermediate dancers. We will continue to work on body alignment and advanced steps. 

Jr. and Sr. Ballet Technique

(teacher recommended)

Ballet Technique will work on more complex patterns and execution of more difficult steps. Proper technique and musicality will be stressed along with proper terminology.

It is highly recommended at this level to also be enrolled in a second Ballet  class to increase technique proficiency more quickly, especially if the student has aspirations of dancing on pointe.

 Sr. Lyrical Balle

(teacher recommended)

Lyrical Ballet will work on classical ballet technique meshed with Lyrical ballet musicality and fluidity.  Lyrical Ballet class is geared toward the development of complete dancing skills. The syllabus includes isolations, stretches, progressions and combinations. A carefully built, solid technique is essential in order for the student to excel as a lyrical dancer. We will strive to achieve personal artistry.

It is highly recommended at this level to also be enrolled in Ballet Technique to increase basic

Pointe Beginners & Pointe II/III

(teacher recommended)

Pointe students must be enrolled in two ballet classes.  One must be an hour and a half in length.  Pointe minimum age is 12 years old.  Because of the possible damage to young feet, we will not allow any child under the age of 12 years old to be on pointe.  Articulation of the feet and strength of the ankle will determine how long a student will be in soft shoes before they are allowed to begin pointe work.  The teacher will arrange a fitting for all pointe students needing shoes.  Pointe students that have been on pointe elsewhere will be re-evaluated to determine if they will remain on pointe.  Pointe training elsewhere will not ensure that you can remain on pointe at The Dance Center.  We value the young bodies in our care and will not put anyone on pointe until we are sure they are physically and techniquely ready.

Guest Artist Series

Intensive Technique

(teacher recommended)

Intensive Technique will be offered to only those students enrolled in Jr. Technique or higher level.  It will be by audition after invitation.  This class will not participate in the Spring Show.

Jazz Program

The Dance Centers' Jazz program is geared toward the development of complete and well-rounded dancing skills. The syllabus for this form includes barre work, center work, isolations, stretching, progressions, and combinations in various jazz styles. A carefully built, solid technical foundation is essential in order for the student to excel as a jazz dancer.   Ballet class is highly recommended to gain the most from the jazz curriculum. 



(8-13 year old)

This class is for the Beginner and Intermediate student(s).  This class emphasizes work on flexibility, the “ basics” of jazz and tap techniques. Students will work on rhythm in both tap and jazz technique. Staring with a foundation for both forms. They will perform both styles in recital. 




(teacher recommended)

Emphasis will be on the latest jazz techniques. Several dance routines will be taught throughout the year. (Each dance will be a different style of jazz, such as Broadway show, Contemporary jazz, and others). Students will work on jazz combinations and turns in addition to barre exercises, stretching, and center floor work. Students will perform a jazz dance in the recital. 



(teacher recommeded)

Continuing skills from Jazz C.  This is the perfect jazz class for the advanced level dancers. Advanced level jazz techniques will be covered in this one-hour class for the experienced student. Theatrical jazz, Contemporary, Hip-Hop and other jazz styles will be taught at an advanced level. Students will perform one jazz dance in the recital.


Teen/Adult Musical theater


This class is dedicated to the dancer who wants to explore musical theatre. We will be incorporating jazz, tap and acting skills into this class. Students will work on acting skills and how to use facial expressions to well known broadway hits. The class will be split up and dancers will need to have a knowledge of tap and jazz as well. 



Our Hip-Hop classes include fresh, innovative choreography influenced by the latest street dance trends. These classes require rhythm, muscle coordination, and students will particpate in strengthening and conditioning exercises.  Child friendly music will be used as well as age appropriate Hip-Hop  steps, movement, and isolations. These fun, high-energy classes are available for dancers ages seven to adult. We incorporate all types of different music including, pop, R&B, and some of the latest hip-hop songs. 



(5-7 year old)

This class is perfect for the beginning dancer. The 5-6 year olds must be enrolled in another class to be eligible for hip-hop class.  They will learn beginning steps and footwork and how to move their bodies. Dancers will start to understand the concept of rhythm and simple combinations. 



(8-13 year old)

In this class students will start learning more complex footwork, as well as body isolations, and floor work. This is a great class for those who want a little more of a challenge. 

Hip-HopCompany: Monday 6:30-7:30 pm

(audition/invitation only)

By invitation only this class will require lots of stamina and endurance. You will be asked to perform lots of intricate steps, floorwork, and isolations. This is the most advanced level of hip-hop and will require a certain amount of dedication from these dancers. 


Teen-Adult Hip-Hop


This hip-hop class will incorporate lots of high energy movement to keep you on your feet. There will be floorwork, isolations, and stretching to get your body up and moving. Is a great choice for someone who wants to start dancing again!



Tap Program

Our Tap program incorporates lots of rhythm, timing, and footwork and lets students make the music with their feet. Our tap classes include warm-ups, across the floor exercises and students will be continuously challenged by the upbeat rhythm and intricacy of many tap steps. These classes are sure to challenge our dancers, and help them dance to their own beat. 


Tap A/B

(8-13 year old)

This class will concentrate on basic timing, rhythm and the execution of different kinds of tap steps such as soft-shoe and syncopated tap. Also included will be tap turns and various tap combinations.

Tap C/D- Tap Company

(teacher recommendation)

This one-hour class is for the experienced student. The class will concentrate on advanced level tap techniques including variations with pullbacks and wings, riffs, tap turns and advanced tap combinations. Students will be expected to clearly articulate more complex rhythms and footwork.

Acro Program
Our Acro program gives student the knowledge base for lots of different acrobatic tricks. From cartwheels to back handsprings, students will be guided in a safe and effective way to help them learn how to use their own strength to perform these tricks. Throughout classes our instructors will teach students how to stretch their bodies properly so as to not injure themselves. Along with mats and proper technique students will learn many different acrobatic moves to help them soar!
(5-7 year old)
This class teaches the basics of acrobatic movements. The 5-6 year olds must be enrolled in another class to be eligible for acro class. Students will be lead through stretches and will uses mats to protect their bodies, while learning cartwheels, backbends, forward rolls, backwards rolls and many other moves. Perfect for the student who wants to start learning acro!
(8-13 year old)
n this class students will start learning more complex techniques, as well as body isolations, and floor work. This is a great class for those who want a little more of a challenge. 
Acro Beyond Basics
In this teen level class students will learn or have a basic knowledge of forward rolls, backward rolls and bridges. They will expand their acro movement vocabulary by leanring more complex tricks and even incorporate partnering into some of their movement. This is a great class for all levels but will require dedication and skill!



Annual Recital


At the end of every dance and school year The Dance Center of Knightdale will hold a recital during the first weekend in June. Students will work with their respective teachers throughout the school year on their performance. Teacher will pick costumes, and there will be an opportunity to pictures taken in the spring. We have found that holding a recital is a great way to showcase all the hardwork your dancer has being doing all year long. We invite you to come in June!