COVID-19 Safety Regulations & Protocols

We have cut our camps (formerly known as classes) to 6-8 dancers maximum per studio for in-person camps and are offering a Zoom alternative for any dancers who do not feel comfortable with the in-person option. We will be continuing the protocol we were using at the end of last season and have implemented new protocols to ensure the safety of our dancers. Please read through these protocols:

  • Any children or parents with signs of illness will not be allowed within the studio.

  • Masks are required inside of the building AT ALL TIMES for anyone over the age of 5, even while dancing. We will be allowing frequent breaks and water bottles in the studio for dancers to ensure their safety and comfort while wearing masks.

  • Do not drop your dancers off early as we are trying to limit the number of people inside of our building. Your dancer should come to the door 5 minutes before their scheduled camp time.

  • Parents of children above the age of 8 should drop off their children at the front door and avoid entering the studio unless an emergency ensues.

  • Dancers should wait outside the front door until invited in by an instructor. Parents should wait with their dancers until they have entered the building safely

  • Hand washing is strongly recommended before arriving at the building, but hand sanitizer will be required upon entry to the building.

  • Temperature checks will be required at the door to all dancers and parents entering the facility.

  • Dancers will be assigned a color. They will put their belongings (water bottles, dance bag, etc.) in this color within the classroom. These colors will allow the dancer to properly social distance inside the classroom.

  • Dancers should remain in this color for the entirety of camps.

We will have these safety regulations in place to keep your dancers safe:

  • The barres and dance equipment will be sanitized before and after each camp.

  • Office will be closed inside the studio. Any inquiries about finances should be sent to If you would like to schedule a meeting email or call at
    (919) 217-3738.

  • Water fountain and snack machine will be closed until further notice.

  • Camps will continue at a reduced time slot which will allow time for sanitizing for the next camp and minimal contact between the dancers.

  • Minimizing close contact in dances and between dancers.

These following families should keep their dancer home for camps:

  • Anyone uncomfortable with sending their child to the studio for any reason at this time.

  • Any family with multiple dancers enrolled that finds Zoom more convenient for scheduling.

  • Anyone with a dancer or family member that feels ill.

If you are interested in utilizing the Zoom alternative, please send an email to including the camps you would like to utilize this option for so we can send out the Zoom links prior to the camp time.